The Tax Man is coming for your Kickstarter Money

Kickstarter Chump

NBC are carrying a story today warning artists and entrepreneurs using Kickstarter that the IRS could be looking into the money they’ve raised through crowdfunding. Whilst Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and others are emphatic that what you are giving are “donations”, the IRS are taking a different view… “The way these sites work makes it sound like:…

Why? In case I get shot by a mugger in an alleyway behind a cinema?

Batman... interrupted.

Batman… interrupted.

The Lego Batman 3 “Beyond Gotham” trailer has arrived. In its wisdom, Google thought I should see an advert about saving for funeral costs first. I’m not sure if they think I am wasting my life playing games for seven year olds or if they’re worried I am going to leave a financial mess behind in the event that I am shot by a mugger in Crime Alley. Either way, it kind of killed the moment Google.