Chris Lynch: UK Horror Novelist & Comics Writer

Horror and Science Fiction Writing

Chris' urban fantasy horror novel "The Magpye Circus" is now available for Amazon Kindle.

"The Magpye: Circus" has ghosts, magicians, witches, crimelords, and dirty cops all vying for control of "The City".

Trapped in the middle of this blood-soaked battle is Able Quirk, the dead son of a circus psychic who has been reborn with the power to speak to the dead. All he has to do is eat their corpses...

With an army of vengeful spirits in his head that he struggles to control, Able is plunged headlong into a world of crime, corruption, and the power of the occult as he dons the mantle of "The Magpye", a dangerous vigilante persona that embodies the very worst of some of the ghosts trapped in Able's head.

Struggling to piece together his own memories, Able must solve the mystery of why his circus home was razed to the ground by the all-powerful King crime family, whilst also trying it dismantle their criminal empire.

Able's only help comes from Marv, a Vegas stage magician with real magical powers, and Marissa, Marv's mysterious and ethereal daughter. Both have secrets of their own, however... secrets that will derail Able's quest for revenge against the Kings completely...


Chris' ongoing steampunk drama, Keys of Bedlam, launched in July 2014 on JukePop Serials and will receive regular updates.

Chris' serial horror/crime novel, "Spectral Branch", is being serialised on Wattpad.

Short Stories

Chris has short stories coming up in The Mad Scientist Journal and KZine amongst others in 2014.

His short story collection "Red" is also available for Amazon Kindle. Chris' short story collaboration with Stuart Tipples, "Blood Brothers", has been #1 in the Amazon Kindle "Quick Reads" chart in 2014.


Comics & Graphic Novels

Chris wrote The Dark for AAM/Markosia, and is the co-creator of the seminal UK horror anthology Monkeys with Machineguns.

Chris also edited the Red Cross Charity Anthology "The Hammer of Time"

Chris has written for a number of UK and US publications including work for:

  • The Judge Dredd Megazine
  • Arcana Studio
  • Metaverse
  • Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel
  • Murky Depths
  • 2026 Books
  • Accent UK
  • Something Wicked
  • The Sorrow
  • Insomnia Publications


Technology and eCommerce

Chris Lynch is CTO of eCommerce Centric and its sister eCommerce development company Gravit-e Centric.

eCommerce Centric owns and runs such brands as budget Android Tablet store Technology Centric. Building this brand prompted Chris to write the Budget Android Tablet Buyer's Guide, which consistently features in Amazon's Top 50 books about Android and was recently as high as #30 in the general Computing category.

The latest brand to be launched by eCommerce Centric is scented candles specialist site Candles at Home.

Chris blogs about technology, the internet, and eBusiness for eCommerce Centric and Gravit-e Centric. Chris has also been published by

Tech for Writers: The Bubble Comics Markup Language

Chris created the Bubble Plain Text Comics Markup Language as a free software project to help new writers get to grips with comic book scripting. Since launch, more than 3000 scripts have been written and converted using Bubble.

Talks, Panels, and Visits

Listen to Chris talk about books, science, comics, and more on these [podcasts]. He likes panel games too.

Want a Superhero Day at your school? Contact Chris to talk about school visits.